New Ford Expedition



The Ford Expedition is one of Ford's top tier vehicles, everyone who buys it loves it and it’s a reliable family hauler. We expect the same quality moving in 2023 with a few changes we know of and a few changes we hope to see. The 2022 model year was great. The 2023 expedition hopes to improve on the 2022 and add a few features that we know of. The last time the Expedition went through a redesign was in 2018, moving to a lighter aluminum frame based off the F-150 frame. Recently in 2022 the updates also modeled the Ford F-150, giving the Expedition a sportier grille while also making the interior roomier and adding dashboards similar to those of the F-150. We expect these changes to carry over to the 2023 Expedition, while it still maintains its solid performance, hauling ability and impressive interior size. Here we are going to talk about what we already know is changing for the Ford Expedition in 2023 and what we hope to see change as well.

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